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If you want to bet carefully, making smaller amounts over many 'games', then this app is designed for you. Consider the decimal odds at Wimbledon 2014 as they stood on the 14 June 2014 (According to Fairbot via betfair). Djokovic 2.92, Nadal 6.2 and Murray 5.4. Assuming you are confident that one of these will win then if you bet on all three to win by placing differing stakes, so you can guarantee a small win. Once again, it is repeated, one of these must win!Say you want winnings of £10. Based on the odds above bet £3.42 on Djokovic, £1.61 on Nadal and £1.85 on Murray. So you have bet a total £6.89 but which ever player wins, you will win £10! A profit of £3.11. If you bet £1.25 on Federer too, to lower your risk, you would still be guaranteed £1.86 profit!" This app enables you to consider six players (or horses/greyhounds etc.). Enter the 'winnings' amount, £10, in the box and the odds in the Fairbot odds column and let the app do the rest. Place the bet amount against each player. Good luck!"